Central Turf Farms leads Minnesota sod farms in innovation of location,  seed selection, bigrolls, mineral and peat soils to supply the finest sod in the five state area.

Central Turf Farms has a thirty year reputation of growing the finest grass for the best lawns in neighborhoods through out the Upper Midwest by our strict attention to details like seed blends of only very dark varieties with no fillers.  We establish a low mowing height and meticulously clean the fields for uniformity even if unmowed.

Our eleven trucks can deliver an entire football field in a day and a few pallets to contractors, nurseries, athletic fields and golf courses.

Please feel free to roam our web site to learn more about the three farms that make up Central Turf Farms.  Once we have convinced you of the superb quality and service from us please visit CentralTurf.net to post your project.  One of our fine vendors will contact you soon.

This cutting edge site is more than an advertisement.  Enclosed in our website is CentralTurf.net.  An electronic network for designers, builders and homeowners to post projects and receive approximately three quotes from three different companies who are our customers.  Customers of Central Turf Farms are automatically given a password to access contact information to quote on your project to protect your confidentiality.