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This is only information we pass on to you.  We have not used this product and do not make any claims about their quality or service.

Please review this short list of vendors carrying Central Turf Farms' sod before continuing to CentralTurf.Net.  Any of these vendors will be happy talk to you about specific questions you may have with your project.

Dan Ehman Landscape specializes in sodding residential landscapes for both homeowners and builders.  Dan will sod both large acreage lots as well as small remodeling projects.  Dan has sodded some premier developments such as the Summits of North Oaks pictured here.  He works through out the Twin Cities and will be happy to talk to you at (651) 222-4779 or email at
Winona Nursery upgraded Veterans Memorial Stadium home field for the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse football team.  The field also hosts the NFL's New Orleans Saints for their pre-season scrimmages.   The field manager wanted to renovate a few month before the NFL's visit and the college football season.  Winona Nursery laid the entire field with 1/2" thick bigrolls of our mineral sod.  Here the local school kids have a run, pass and kick contest.   Contact Ron May or McLean at (507) 452-6237.
Both Urbandale and West Des Moines Family Physicians Clinics were sodded with Central Turf Farms' sod mineral sod in mid-summer 1995.  Although these projects were sodded by the owner, our vendor is out of Ames.  

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Recommended Mowing Height

Do Not mow your new sod until it has rooted into the ground

Never mow below the plant's crown which is where the leaves branch out. Never mow more than 1/2 the length of the plants' leaf.

Approx. leaf length

2" or MORE under irrigation

This height is for the length of the plant's leaf not the height of the mower deck from concrete floor.

Do not mow your lawn if you have not watered.

CentralTurf.Net is a network of homeowners, designers, builders and nurseries who submit their project for bid by over 100 of our landscape customers through out the Midwest.  This is the only on-line want-ad type service strictly dedicated for sod.  The list above is only the tiniest cross section of landscaper Central Turf Farms services.  Many of our other customers are located in Fargo & Bismark ND, Albert Lea, Austin, LaCrosse WI, Mason City, Des Moines, Sheldon IA & Sioux Falls  SD.  

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