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Latest Update May 08, 2013

Cutting Conditions and Availability

Check with individual farm managers as these following square yards vary with weather.

North Branch:  

Peat:  810sft=90sy per pallet.  17820sft=1980sy per truck

Mineral:  675sft=75sy per pallet.  14850sft=1650sy per truck.

Bigrolls:  315sft=35sy per roll.  Approximately the same amount per truck.

Albert Lea:  

Peat:  675sy=75sy per pallet.  14,850sft=1650sy per truck.

Mineral:  675sft=75sy per pallet.  14,850sft=16500sy per truck.

Bigrolls:  270sft=30sy per roll.  Approximately the same amount per truck.  


Peat:  729sy=81sy per pallet.  16038sft=1782sy per truck.

Mineral:  675sft=75sy per pallet.  14,850sft=16500sy per truck.

Bigrolls:  270sft=30sy per roll.  Approximately the same amount per truck.

Central Turf Farms Accepts VISA & MasterCard

Each farm can now take VISA, MasterCard, Discover & Am. Express credit cards

Make a Habit to Visit this Page

   This page is for you the regular customer.  Plans are made to update this page regularly during the summer to keep you up to speed.  There will be updates for the weight of the sod, the sod's shelf life and interesting products by manufactures.  E.mail links are enclosed to the left for the foreman of each farm.  If you would rather have this information sent monthly to you e.mail or ground post please register.

   We plan to  make your time logging-on worth while. Future plans for this site are to add load tracking and updating so you can see the status of your order.  Once cellar phones become better web-accessible we will offer deals to log on wireless.  Eventually, we would like to see this site take your orders.  If you have some better ideas please take the time to register.  

Central Turf Farms will begin a new program to promote your business to your customers

   We will run feature advertisements on this website featuring customersí projects. This will put your company in a spotlight to designers, contractors and builders who visit this site on average 100 time a week. This will also add to the professional image of your company and increase the value of your work.  To be featured in Central Turf Farmsí advertisements all of the following requirements must be completed:
Must have purchased at least 7,500 sy of sod this year.
Account must be current.
A high profile project needs to be featured with pictures.
Some sort of permission must be obtained by the owner of your project.
Central Turf Farmsí sod must have been used.

If you are a customer of Central Turf Farms who would like to access, but forgot your password please feel free to e.mail us.

Check out

This cutting edge site is designed to create more work for you and your company.  Enclosed in our website will be  An electronic bulletin board for you to bid more work from designers, builders and homeowners.  As a customer of Central Turf Farms you were sent a password to access project information to quote a  project posted on CentralTurf.netTo date over 54,230sy have been posted and bid since the site was opened.  If you do the work for the project you must use Central Turf Farmsí sod or your password maybe revoked.  

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Approximate time before sod goes hot

48 Hours

We do not guarantee saving sod for this amount of time.  

Sod is a perishable product that is best laid right away.  If sod is saved this long the quality will deteriorate.
If you must save sod this long you must break down the pallet.

This is only information we pass on to you.  We have not used this product and do not make any claims about their quality or service.

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