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Central Turf Farms is the first to regularly carry salt tolerant sod

Central Turf Farms broke new ground by being the first sod farm to introduce salt tolerant sod. Developed and used in conjunction with the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation, our salt tolerant sod is a mixture of low maintenance Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue, and "Salty" Alkali Grass.

   Perfect for use in suburban areas, especially between the curb and sidewalk, along parking lots or along roadways, our salt tolerant sod has been used in a number of roadway areas. Our salt tolerant sod has been growing in downtown Marshal, MN after two harsh, heavily salt winters in a row. Laid to establish turf for the business district in Marshall the sod has performed better than everyone involved expected.

   Surprisingly attractive, this sod mixes well with established lawn sod, although appearance maybe rough. However, the establishment of our salt tolerant sod has far better results than normal hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass sod, since the alkali grass actually thrives better in a saltier base. It also requires a lower feeding of fertilizer and matches our regular dark green color.
   To recognize salt tolerant sod look at the texture and shape of the grass blades. The "Salty" grows rough and short with a fine blade relative to the Kentucky Bluegrass, but not as fine as the Creeping Red Fescue. The "Salty" and Fescue also grow in bunches while the Bluegrass spreads from rhizomes or hair roots. The best way to be sure you are getting salt tolerant sod is to request a copy of the seed ticket from your supplier.

This hybrid blend is grown on exclusively on mineral soil.  For more information continue to mineral sod.

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