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Here is a short list of projects with Central Turf Farms' sod

Over the past thirty seven years Central Turf Farms' grass has been laid on Minnesota's highest profile project.  Central Turf's sod has established our reputation for cutting edge product and get the job done service for any project from exclusive premier golf courses to low income housing.  The following is a short list of the latest projects where our sod has been used.  Please feel free to drive by and inspect any of these projects for yourself.  See how the turf has held up to the variety of maintenance and traffic.

Harriet Island, St. Paul's historic water front park, was recently renovated to improve the city's river front.  Located off the Wabasha street bridge Harriet Island received two buildings, boat landings for paddle boats and walking trails.  Laid by our parent company Central Landscaping in the middle of the year 2000 for C.S. McCrossan.  Harriet Island took over 40,000sy of our standard hybrid bluegrass delivered in bigrolls.  The bulk of the sod was completed by a five man crew in just over a week., but needed another week for seeding and blanket before the park's grand opening which hosted over 10,000 people, live bands and a fireworks display that evening.
County Road 19, Woodbury, MN built by Shafer contracting is in the process of being sodded and seeded.  Here the sod not only functions as an erosion control devise, but as a polished yard matching much of the executive lawns in Woodbury.  Here Central Turf Farms' sod shines as an example of different maintenance schedules. 
Point Douglas Dr. or Hwy. 61 between Hwy. 10 and Prescott, WI was just sodded this summer.  Here the park along Hwy. 61 shows Central Turf Farms' sod.  The park was sodded with our Standard Hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass peat sod cut in bigrolls.  The remainder to the project was sodded with palletized sod due to weather.
Imation was the computer disk manufacture 3M company spun-off in 1996.  The Imation corporate headquarters was landscaped by Buell's nursery who subcontracted the sodding and seeding to Central Landscaping, Inc.  The plan called for an innovated mixture of sod around the building, lawn mixture seeding near by and native grasses and flowers in low/no traffic areas.  Unfortunately the native areas now receive high maintenance.
The Albert Lea Rest Area is in the process of being remodeled.  The drainage and buildings have been changed requiring Central Landscaping, Inc. to establish the turf.  The ditches and holding pond were seeded and mulched with native mulch.  The median and around the building was sodded before the new building was finished. 

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Recommended Mowing Height

Do Not mow your new sod until it has rooted into the ground

Never mow below the plant's crown which is where the leaves branch out. Never mow more than 1/2 the length of the plants' leaf.

Approx. leaf length

2" or MORE under irrigation

This height is for the length of the plant's leaf not the height of the mower deck from concrete floor.

Do not mow your lawn if you have not watered.

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