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Central Turf Farms offers the highest quality Kentucky Bluegrass sod.  Our specially designed four way blend creates the darkest thickest carpet to ensure the final sell of your project.  Continue on for more information on our standard Kentucky Bluegrass peat sod.
Central Turf Farms' high quality mineral sod is the same high quality Kentucky Bluegrass grown on a sandy loam soil.  This allows water and fertilizer to past through the sod into the root zone promoting rapid establishment.
Central Turf Farms offer 30" wide bigroll sod cut from  either peat or mineral Kentucky Bluegrass.  Delivered or picked up we also offer implement rental to lay these bigrolls.
Central Turf Farms is the first to carry salt tolerant sod.  Developed and used in conjunction with the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation, this sod is surprisingly attractive and mixes well with established lawn sod.  Perfect for between the curb, sidewalk, and parking lot.
Central Turf Farms offers rental equipment for your construction needs.    They are implements designed to fit on a bobcat or three point hitch tractor to lay bigroll sod.
Central Turf Farms can also sell erosion control blanket for high washout areas that are not planned on be mowed.  We offer straw blanket either single or double netted and delivered with your sod order.
We have available wooden sod stakes cut from lath and boxes of 6" sod staples for purchase.  Wood lath tell the owner you staked the slope.  Staples keep the finished look of sod and do not need to be removed or replaced.  Simply push them all the way down into the mat of the sod.
Yes you could buy then anywhere, but our sod knives can be delivered with the load of sod.  Now you don't have to stop at the hardware store just to cut your sod.  No need to spend the evening sharpening the knives for tomorrow, simply flip or replace the razor.

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Central Turf Farms can also sell hay mulch along with your load of sod.  During the summer season we get a semi load of fresh mulch every two weeks.  We would be happy to put a few bales on for you.
Central Turf Farms also sells our Gold Tag sod quality seed blend to match your seeding with our sod.  Our seed is purchased in bulk from different seed producers to use only the best mix.  Blended by hand to maintain purity and quality with no fillers added.  This seed is higher quality than golf course seed.
Whatever your needs don't feel bashful to ask our experts. Central Turf Farms have personnel that have sodded and seeded for twenty years.  If we don't have it and we can't get it, we will be happy to refer you to someone that can fulfill  your needs.  Also check out our favorite links above for a few favorite vendors and references that maybe able help where we can't.

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This cutting edge site is more than an advertisement.  Enclosed in our website is CentralTurf.net.  An electronic network for designers, builders and homeowners to post projects and receive approximately three quotes from three different companies who are our customers.  Customers of Central Turf Farms are automatically given a password to access contact information to quote on your project to protect your confidentiality. 

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48 Hours

We do not guarantee saving sod for this amount of time.  

Sod is a perishable product that is best laid right away.  If sod is saved this long the quality will deteriorate.
If you must save sod this long you must break down the pallet.

This is only information we pass on to you.  We have not used this product and do not make any claims about their quality or service.

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