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This is only information we pass on to you.  We have not used this product and do not make any claims about their quality or service.

Here are some other interesting sites to visit if we can't answer all your questions.
Turf Producers' International:  The international association of sod farms has so good information on sodding and equipment for landscapers.
Iowa Nursery & Landscape Association:  for information on the Iowa nurserymen's group including membership, certification, conventions, etc.
Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association: for detailed information on full landscaping.  Specializing in trees, shrubs, irrigation and nursery products.  Landscapers can go to the members' section and their are updates for their events.
Brouwer Turf Equipment:  not only do they make excellent harvesters for sod farms, but great landscape equipment.  They have bigroll laying, sod rolls, sod cutters, lawn vacuums and rotary mowers.  Also see their distributor at
WMI/TSH:  this is the old Werner Manufacturing that made (in our opinion) the best bigroll sod installer.  The sod installer is still available under this name.

Steve Beck w/Cokato Equip. (320) 864-5571

The Ultimate Turfgrass  Links Page:  Michigan State University's links page with links to turfgrass companies, universities, associations, government sites, software, landscape sites, books and scientific pages.  With over 400 links why bother with more here.

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Recommended Mowing Height

Do Not mow your new sod until it has rooted into the ground

Never mow below the plant's crown which is where the leaves branch out. Never mow more than 1/2 the length of the plants' leaf.

Approx. leaf length

2" or MORE under irrigation

This height is for the length of the plant's leaf not the height of the mower deck from concrete floor.

Do not mow your lawn if you have not watered.

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