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Latest Update May 08, 2013
   Dimensions: Our palletized (small rolls) sod is in 1.5 yard rolls that are 24" wide x 81" long. Twenty years of experience has proven these lay faster with less seams and gaps.
   Peat Sod:  After growing quality Hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass Sod for 20 years we have developed through test plots a blend that is both shade tolerant and disease resistant. We can stack 81 square yards per pallet fitting as much as 22 pallets on a truck depending on the weight of the sod. That means we can deliver up to 1782sy on one truck.
   Mineral Sod:  Now available at all three farms.  We use the same high quality seed blend grown on a sandy loam soil.  Although mineral sod is much heavier we cut the same 1.5 square yard roll to save the number of trips from the pallet to the ground.  Due to the increased weight of mineral sod we can only stack 75 square yards per pallet, up to 22 pallets per truck = 1650sy.
   Delivery: Our fleet of eight trucks stands ready to deliver up to 2.3 acres of sod each morning to any location in MN, IA, ND & SD. Albert Lea and Sebeka each have trucks available for delivery within their area. Our trucks are equipped with radios and are in excellent shape preventing breakdowns and lost trucks.
   Teledyne Service: We do have portable forklift service available.  This can free your crew to work while we make deliveries to homeowners or builders.  The amount of sod we can with the forklift is cut short by two pallets per load.  There is only one teledyne for each farm, and more time is taken to unload using the forklift so please schedule early if you need it.
   Bigroll Sod:  Our bigroll sod is cut 30" wide and 126' long making a 35sy roll that lays easily and quickly. Central Turf Farms does not use netting to hold our rolls together. We use expensive harvesters to ensure the tightest roll possible without tearing the sod for the landscaper. Some rolls claim to be 42" wide however, these rolls are usually split into two 21" rolls put together. 42" rolls take more work because each roll must be pulled into place twice. 42" rolls are also more awkward in tight areas. An average truck load of bigrolls has fifty (50) rolls or 1750sy and one wire mesh box to carry the empty plastic tubes once the sod has been laid.
   Hot Sod: Sod is a perishable product. When the grass dies it begins to decompose creating heat and a stench within the roll.  This heat will kill all the grass blades next to it finally expanding until the pallet actually smokes.  We recommend installing it within 24 hours of delivery. To keep the grass from dying we suggest laying it completely after receiving it. Sometimes that isn't always possible due to the weather. Rather than putting down one pallet at a time, install everything down to the pieces that lie flat off each pallet if you are running out of time that day. This does not guarantee the sod will not heat, but it will prolong the shelf life a few hours.  For more the latest on how long sod last before getting hot see Contractor Updates

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Approximate time before sod goes hot

48 Hours

We do not guarantee saving sod for this amount of time.  

Sod is a perishable product that is best laid right away.  If sod is saved this long the quality will deteriorate.
If you must save sod this long you must break down the pallet.

This is only information we pass on to you.  We have not used this product and do not make any claims about their quality or service.

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