Central Turf Farms offer 35sy bigrolls of Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Latest Update May 08, 2013
Central Turf Farms' bigrolls are cut from the same high quality turfgrass as our other Hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass sod blends. Cut on both peat and mineral soil bigroll sod offers a quick labor saving alternative to laying sod. Our rolls are cut 30 inches wide by 126 feet long creating a roll of 35 square yards.
Other benefits to using bigroll sod are much fewer seems and gaps. This creates a more uniform appearance when first laid. The fewer seams also create less edges to dry out when first established. The sod is also less likely to slip in a significant rain or come up when used for play. Bigrolls also tend to have a longer "shelf life" than palletized sod giving you a chance to have better looking sod should trouble occur.
bigroll_small.jpg (2264 bytes) Central Turf Farms' 30" rolls also offer the most effective laying method available. Our 30" wide roll is one complete piece requiring one person to pull the edges together once rather than twice (as with 42" rolls). 30" rolls are also wider than normal 24" rolls allowing less moving and saving time and deferring mishaps that can rip the rolls. The rolls are also big enough to save labor, but not too big to be cumbersome or clumsy when maneuvering in small areas.
The sod is wrapped around plastic PVC pipe making a 6" diameter by 30" long tube that forks are slipped through to pick up the bigroll.  A 4'x4'x4' basket is supplied with a full load of bigrolls.  The basket is made from two way pallets so they are lightweight and can be put on a pickup by hand before loading tubes.   Contractors are asked to return the tubes in the basket with their next load of sod.   Warning:  cover tie the top of the basket or before traveling on the road since they may fly out.
Bigrolls have an initial investment since the equipment needs are high. However, Central Turf Farms can loan attachments to connect to a bobcat or a three point tractor hitch. You can try bigrolls by borrowing our attachments for a project or two. This can help in deciding whether and how to use bigrolls.

Bigroll laying equipment can be purchased from Brouwer Turf Equipment through Carlson Equipment in Rosemount, MN.

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Approximate time before sod goes hot.

48 Hours

We do not guarantee saving sod for this amount of time.  

Sod is a perishable product that is best laid right away.  If sod is saved this long the quality will deteriorate.
If you must save sod this long you must break down the pallet.

This is only information we pass on to you.  We have not used this product and do not make any claims about their quality or service.

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