Central Turf Farm's Albert Lea Farm

Latest Update May 08, 2013

Although this farm is scattered through out Albert Lea, it is ideally located to deliver to Southern MM, Southern WI and Northern Iowa.  Trips are routinely made to LaCrosse, Souix Falls, Rochester and Des Moines since it's locate on the corner of I-94 and I-35.

The three major fields for this farm are represented by the highlihghted boxes.  For more information and directions to these fields please click on the boxes.

Like all our farms, Albert Lea has  mineral or peat on regular, throw away pallets or bigrolls.

To schedule a load from this farm contact us at (800) 229-8878 or  to be a regular customer.

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Main Field:  This is the main field since it is off Delmar's home and shop.  This field is all peat and has been Central Turf's original field in Albert Lea. 
Direction:  Take I-90 west of I-35.  Exit Hwy 13 turn south.  Go through Albert Lea, MN.  Turn right (west) after Pickerel Lake onto Co. Rd. 17.  Turn left (south) onto Co. Rd. 14.  Turn right (west) onto Co. Rd. 15.  Turn left at Delmar's brown house.
Field 14:   This field is named after the county road on which it accesses.  Primarily a peat field there is one end that has more granular sand for a mineral or highland sod.
Directions:  from I-90 west of I-35 exit Hwy 13 turn left (south).  After Pickerel Lake turn right (west) on Co. Rd. 17  Turn left (south) on to Co. Rd. 14.  Watch to your left for the dirt road that leads back to the field.
State Line:  The newest addition to our Albert Lea farm.  This field is all sandy loam needing a well and pivot just to grow turfgrass sod.  This farm has just become ready for mineral or highland sod and is expected to yield loads of 1200sy to 1500sy.
Directions:  From I-90 exit Alden, MN and turn right (south).  Turn right at the "T" then turn left (south) on Co. Rd. 63.  Follow 63 south to Iowa and our field will be on your left-hand side.    From I-35 exit Co. Rd. 5 turn right (west).  Turn left right away to follow Co. Rd. 18 south along the interstate.  Turn right (west) on Co. Rd. 1 and follow west through Emmons, MN onto Co. Rd. 4 west.  Go strait west on Co. Rd. 60 when Co. Rd. 4 turns north.  Our field is the only sod farm on the right-hand side.
Kansota:  Bought from a gourp of vegetable farms from both Kansas and Minnesota it was nicknamed Kansota.  This field is primarily peat with small outer fields of sandy loam for black mineral sod. 
Directions:  this field is south of Albert Lea five miles off Hwy 69 primarily on the west side.

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